Potatoes gaining ground in China

potatoes in China

Being of Irish decent I was amazed to discover that the most delicious potatoes on the planet are to be found in a little cafe in the Baiyun district of Guangzhou. These baby potatoes were deep fried and lightly tossed in pepper, cumin and salt.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Potato Pro (now my favourite journal), reports that potatoes gaining ground among consumers in China.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, by 2020 China will have more than 6.67 million hectares of potato planting areas, 30 percent of which can be processed into staple food. Li Xuewen, an official with the potato industry office of Dingxi, Gansu Province:

“Potatoes are productive, easily planted and stored, and have rich nutrition.”


Although it’s unlikely that the Chinese will embrace the Irish classic colcannon or French vichyssoise, they have adopted the old potato as their own and given it a distinctly eastern style. For those unlucky enough not to find a little cafe in Guangzhou, I would suggest the following recipe:

Xi’an Spicy Fried Potatoes